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Your First Yoga Class and What to Expect

1. Many yoga poses are done while sitting or reclining on the floor. Wear

something comfortable that is easy to move in. Traditionally yoga is done

in bare feet, but if you are shy about exposing your feet "Yoga Socks"

can be purchased online or at many sporting goods or department

stores. Either way, nobody will notice or judge your feet.

2. Breathwork is part of the yoga experience. For your comfort, and for

the comfort of those around you, please limit the use of heavy perfume or

body lotions as they can be distracting, and sometimes troublesome to

others in class.

3. Having a full belly makes any workout an uncomfortable experience.

Have a light snack 2 hours before but avoid a heavy meal several hours before

your yoga class. Bring water in a closed container to sip on during class

if needed.

4. Silence your mobile phone and leave it outside of the practice space.

Dedicate this time to staying focused on taking care of you and the

present moment.

5. Take a time out if needed during class. You are learning something

new and it may take a few attempts to figure it out. And if you become

dizzy, lightheaded, or in any pain,stop what you are doing immediately

and ask your teacher for assistance.

Ask your yoga teacher if you have any other questions or concerns, we

want your first experience with yoga to be a great one!

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