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The Benefits of Yoga

With regular practice, yoga can have numerous health benefits including:

  • Increased flexibility, balance, muscle strength and tone

  • Improved respiratory and circulatory health

  • Decreases negative impact of anxiety and stress

  • Improved athletic performance & reduction of injury

  • Reduction in blood pressure

  • Supports improved posture and spinal health

  • Decreased pain response

  • Increased metabolism

  • Improved sleep

  • Increased energy

  • Builds awareness (body, mind, spirit)

  • Happiness

  • Increased confidence & self esteem

  • Provides foundation for self-care, better health and much, much, more

 When body, mind and spirit are in harmony, life is so much richer.


I believe there is a yoga practice for every person and every season, and pregnancy is no exception.  Finding a teacher that is knowledgeable with the unique needs and challenges of each trimester of pregnancy is important during this time.  I am happy to fill this need and work with you on your journey to parenthood! 

Classes are carefully planned to accommodate all stages of pregnancy and all levels of yoga experience.  I incorporate movement, breathwork, imagery, meditation along with many tips and tricks in each session.  Students are invited to work at their own pace and within their own comfort levels.  Classes instill a sense of community where students feel welcomed, respected and heard.  It is my goal that students leave class feeling empowered with knowledge and greater understanding of their quickly changing body and spirit during this transition to parenthood. It is my hope that they feel stronger and healthier physically and emotionally, than when they arrived. 

Why Prenatal Yoga?  

Some of the many benefits of Prenatal yoga  include:

-builds strength, stamina, balance and focus; physically and emotionally

-increased breath awareness

- alleviates common discomforts of pregnancy 

- decreases tension from physical and emotional stress

-builds body awareness

- aids in transitions of pregnancy, birth and parenting

-improved sleep

-Encourages confidence

-calms the nervous system

-increased energy

-aids in recovery during postpartum period

-and so much more!

Other offerings by Dawn:

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Yoga for Pelvic Health

Yoga for the 4th Trimester (postnatal)

Available for workshops, group classes and private instruction 

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