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Finding Balance in a Busy Live

Everyone is so busy these days. With the arrival of longer summer days, I find myself packing in as much activity as I possible can. Work, family, chores, social events, obligations…how does one find balance when life is so busy?

If we listen to our body, it is often trying to tell us something important, for our health and well-being. Feeling constantly tired, headachy, busy & overwhelmed may signal a need to take a personal time out. Experiencing a felt sense of unspecified dread & unease, over consumption of food, alcohol or spending, even emotional swings and negative self talk can be a clue that we are out of balance. When we are out of balance, we may feel that life is out of our control and tend to stop taking care of our body (think exercise, healthy eating and habits), we may not reach out to friends or family, and lose interest in things we normally enjoy.

Everyone's life is a mix of unique roles and stressors. Being in balance has multi-dimensional considerations and will present differently in every person. A life in balance is a personal state of equilibrium- body, mind, and spirit all in harmony. One must define what balance means to them. But, when body, mind, and spirit all in harmony, life is so much richer. We are calmer, think more clearly and feel more connected to others and the world that we live in.

When our lives are in balance, we are happier, have more time for self, and are more productive. We tend to have less stress, enjoy life more and are happy and make healthy habits. We feel more connected to self, our family & friends. We set good boundaries, make good decisions and feel more confident. Our personal health and relationships depend on it!

Looking for more balance in your life? Check out the list below for some quick tips. Also, follow me for weekly inspiration on this topic all month long on Facebook and Instagram.

10 Simple ways to get your life in balance:

  • Acknowledge that you cannot do everything! You do not have to accept every invitation or request that comes your way. It is more than OK to say no, especially when you really do not want to say yes. If it doesn't enhance and add value to your life, say just say no.

  • Let go of your quest to be perfect. The perfectly cleaned house or manicured lawn, the perfect meal, the expertly planned vacation, the overscheduled busy workday…our quest for perfection can be exhausting, adding fuel to a life already out of balance.

  • Remember to have fun. Play a game. Call a friend. Go for a walk. Learn a new hobby. Be creative.

  • Remember to practice self-care. (Look at June's blog for more on the self-care topic.)

  • Treat yourself to something you have been putting off, like that health check up, lunch with a friend, or facial and massage.

  • Spend time alone. Meditate, read, listen to music or just enjoy a few deep and mindful breaths.

  • Unplug. Turn off the television or laptop. Time a time out from electronic devices for a weekend.

  • Make a date night with your significant other or bestie. Setting aside quality time with love ones is a great way to feel connected to others.

  • Be true to yourself and set attainable expectations. Be compassionate with yourself and others.

  • Examine where you feel most unbalanced in your life- is an area being neglected or is another over-whelming? Make a plan to find balance between the two.

I would love to know how you find balance in your life . Feel free to contact me and share your thoughts- I can't wait to hear from you!

Peace & Light,


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