Senior Couple Doing Yoga

Yoga for Pelvic Health


Five Reasons to Add Yoga to Your Work Day

Everywhere we look yoga is presenting it’s self. Almost every town has at least one yoga studio and it would seem that some larger cities have one on every corner. Health care providers recognizing the numerous benefits of yoga suggest yoga as a way to cultivate optimum health for their patients.  Professional sporting teams teams require their athletes to practice yoga, and have even hired yoga teachers as part of their training staff. There are many forms of yoga, hot yoga,

My Journey to 30 Days of Self-Care

Warning! Long post coming! How do I fit it all in? How can I show up and be 100% for those that count on me? How can I be present for my family, colleagues, friends, students, clients, and so many others? And after all that is done, when can I find time be a great wife, mother, sister, student, teacher, employee, leader, follower, and still be the best me I can be? How can I allow myself to give all I have, energetically,  to everyone else, unconditionally, and not keep a lit