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Meet City Yoga Warren

My name is Dawn Young and I am the founder and visionary of City Yoga Warren. City Yoga is a virtual and mobile boutique studio, bringing the practice of yoga and community together. I bring accessible yoga where it is needed most, to people just like you!
City Yoga's mobile option delivers yoga to those that may feel the studio environment is not right for them. Whether you are new to yoga, recovering from illness or injury, would prefer private yoga sessions, or would like to share yoga as a community event, City Yoga can provide yoga that meets your needs.

City Yoga Warren serves Warren and surrounding Tri-county area. Please contact Dawn for more information.

* City Yoga is practicing ahimsa, which translates to non harming, during the Covid-19 pandemic. During this time some classes and sessions are being held remotely through secure zoom meeting rooms. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out. Thank you. *

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